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We are on
Our National Adventure

We value family, the outdoors, travel, good food, & finding joy in each moment.

We’ve spent the last few years traveling, exploring, and living on the road as travel journalist. We are now situated in Georgia and enjoy sharing the beauty of the south and places we adventure to so that you can create your own national adventure.

About Us: About


Hi there! I'm Alison, momma to the 3 girls we take on our national adventure. I grew up in a small town on the east coast before we moved to the west coast when I started high school. The experience opened my eyes to different landscape and cultures. When our girls were born,  Karolina was born with 3 holes in her heart. We were determined to show her as much of the world as we could. Its what prompted our national adventure - to give them as many incredible experiences that we can.



Hi I'm Andrew. I'd been working the typical 9-5pm when my girls were little. But when we discovered Karolinas heart issues, I knew I needed to have a much more flexible job. One that would allow me to be at home and experience each day with them while they were still growing, and not just bedtime and weekends. It has been this transistion and freedom that has allowed us to travel and explore the way we do.



Hello, I’m Kiara and I am seven years old. I love gymnastics, flips and trying new things. I’m brave, bold and I always ready to have fun! When I am not on an adventure I am playing on my silks, creating artwork and learning new games.



Hi, my name is Karolina and I am five years old. I love playing with my sister, doing crafts, and help my mom cook.  I am very patient and detail oriented, questioning and appreciating life.  I like sweet tea and am an old soul.



Hi, my name is Khloe and I am two and a half years old! I love playing with my sisters, jumping on the tramoline, coloring and play fetch with my cats. I am curious and energetic. I like helping my mom cook.

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